Decades of Impact

Decades of Impact


  • Client : Fishy Whale Press
  • Market Served : National & International


Roland Poska is an artist, papermaker, fine-art printer and publisher. He’s recognized as a pioneer in the artistic medium of papermaking. Roland’s influence can also be seen in the great tradition of collaborating printmaking in such tour de force projects with artist John Doyle and their “Great Human Race Initiative” with comprised some seventy editions representing great people in human history.


One becomes even more struck to realize that each of these seventy many-color editions on white paper also had a monochrome edition pulled on Poska’s own handmade tinted paper stock.

Working with Fishy Whale Press for over two decades was challenging, but continually rewarding. The impactful work they were producing deserved national attention and required an unconventional approach to the messaging.  We’re proud to have garnered that attention on many occasions.



• Planned and facilitated a traveling art exhibit (5yrs) that made stops at Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Art Institute of London.


• The “MEDICINE MEN” series was featured on the cover of Medtronic’s Quarterly worldwide publication for over 5 years.


• Partnership with the Association of Conflict Resolution including a live charity auction to raise funds for ACR Scholarships and Annual Fund.


• Coordinated collaborations with 12 non-profit organizations


• Utilized inflatable billboards for an experiential activation at the Minnesota State Fair & Educational Program for the Fishy Whale Press series: The Declaration of Interdependence.



The GREAT HUMAN RACE Exhibit reminds us that “Every face and every color is beautiful.”


Eeach piece from the collection contained hidden “Genie Messages” that made each one truly one of a kind. Using our code decoder, viewers could further immerse themselves in the artwork and uncover secret messages. These messages centered around the theme of “Every face, every color is beautiful.”