Messaging Evolved

Messaging Evolved

The campaign transformed the traditional advertising concept by introducing these dynamic billboards. Instead of static, forgettable displays, visitors were met with larger-than-life, inflatable masterpieces that were as impossible to ignore as they were delightful to behold.

Gander Mountain’s soaring inflatable billboard was an undeniable attraction, mirroring the brand’s dedication to outdoor life and adventure.

The campaign was a resounding success, drawing attention from both the attendees of the fair and the wider media. It created a buzz of conversation, and the brands included in this campaign saw a noticeable uptick in their recognition and customer engagement.

The Minnesota State Fair, with its rich history and large, diverse audience, provided the perfect backdrop for this revolutionary advertising campaign. It was a winning combination of location, innovation, and well-chosen brands that made this campaign not just an advertising success, but a memorable part of the State Fair itself.


  • Client :¬†MN State Fair,¬†Gander Mountain, DNR, 12 Non-Profit Tributes
  • Market Served : State Fair Attendees (1,769,872 visitors from around the world)