Buy, Sell, 1031 Exchange

Buy, Sell, 1031 Exchange

Buying and Selling a Billboard


Interested in selling an OOH Asset?

We’re active investors and developers in the OOH market. Billboards, ground leases, permits, or even an existing structure in need of repair are all assets we’re interested in. We can work with you directly on a smooth transaction or work with your broker.


Buying & Selling, 1031 Exchanges

As seasoned commercial real estate brokers for over 30 years, we can help you effectively take advantage of the attractive capital gains deferment of a 1031 exchange. Our nation-wide network of various commercial real estate assets makes simplifies the process finding a qualifying property and we’ll work with you to facilitate your transaction from start to finish.


Find peace of mind knowing Jim Zeller’s extensive experience can make any OOH real estate process smooth and painless.

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