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Sparking conversation through creative messaging.

We enjoy working directly with brands to amplify their message, collaborate with ad agencies, and especially lending a helping hand when a community need help with a project. Our goal has always been to tell powerful stories and deliver them in unique ways.

As a family owned company, we are committed to helping your business grow through a variety of creative messaging solutions.  If you have a story to tell, we’re here to help you tell it through video, photo, out-of-home, Snap/IG/FB/TikTok, experiential activations… and whatever’s coming out the day after tomorrow.

Our Competencies


Why Out-Of-Home

Out of home advertising is the oldest known form of advertising in the world dating back to 4,000 BC.

Out of Home advertising grabs attention and tells a BIG story. We’re not here to tell you that other advertising mediums are ineffective or should be replaced with OOH. We love multi-platform advertising and believe that we’re a great compliment to your existing marketing efforts.

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More cars on the road
Drivers Look at OOH Often

Embrace the Extraordinary

Multi-Platform Campaign

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Getting The Community Involved

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A brief

Prior to founding Signfeld media, Jim Zeller was the Founder and Managing Partner of Skycom 1, which was the Nation’s first Electronic “Point of Purchase” Advertising and Community Bulletin Network in Pedestrian Skyways. Started in 1986 during the early days of the internet and rise of computers, Skycom 1 used digital messaging boards to share relevant information and connect brands with consumers throughout building to building pedestrian skyways.

Years after the successful sale of Skycom 1 to a publicly traded company, Jim jumped back into out of home advertising with the founding of Signfeld Media in 2005. Alongside his son, Director/Producer Jonny Zeller, Signfeld has been expanding its product offerings and servicing brands of all sizes in the Eastern Minnesota, Western Wisconsin market.


Our Team

Jim Zeller

Founder – Imaginist

Jonny Zeller

Managing Partner

Mike Zeller

Creative Director

Song Zeller

Accounts & Financials

Henry Zeller

Chief Moral Officer



How Can We Help You?

Signfeld Media has controlled the OOH conversation along the highly coveted i94 corridor in Western Wisconsin for over 30 years. But that’s just the beginning of how we can help you or your brand engage with an audience.

Bi//boardin’ Live

Billboarding Live goes beyond traditional OOH advertising and focuses on delivering a story to the audience in a unique way. This approach is about complimenting other forms of audience communications and bringing “signage” to the viewers’ attention in an organic way. We love to find fun ways to integrate into experiential activations, live events, and other interactive campaigns. Billboarding Live is unexpected and authentic.

Buying, Selling, and Exchanging a Billboard

Interested in acquiring an OOH Asset?

Billboards, ground leases, permits, or even an existing structure in need of repair, there are a lot of ways to get into the Out Of Home Advertising industry and we’re here to simplify the process for you.

Want to sell your billboard?

We’ve been in the real estate and Out Of Home industry for over 30 years and can help you connect with the right buyer. As a licensed broker in Minnesota and Wisconsin you can have peace of mind when working with us on your transaction. Heck, maybe we’ll buy it.

1031 Exchange?

Our extensive real estate experience can help you effectively take advantage of the attractive capital gains deferment of a 1031 exchange. Whether you’re looking to buy an OOH asset or sell yours and find a new piece of real estate, we’ve been through the process and can help make it painless.

Traditional Billboards

Even if we don’t have any vacancies or available inventory, we can still help you find the right signage for telling your story.

Bulletins (14′ x 36′)
Our largest offering located near the Wisconsin and Minnesota boarder. The only outdoor advertising in the area and highly impactful. Availability for both Eastbound and Westbound traffic. Available for a minimum of 12 months.


Posters (12’x24′)
We offer several Poster locations in Western Wisconsin along the highly trafficked I-94. Reasonably priced and available for a minimum of 6 months.

Jr. Posters (6′ x1 2′)
Located on county highways, these smaller boards are viewed by slower driving traffic and make excellent places to advertise an upcoming concert, restaurant, or attraction. Available for a minimum of 6 months.


Signfeld Media’s team has extensive experience in the film and photography industry. Whether it’s working with large corporations such as McDonald’s or locally owned family businesses, we have the resources to help create the right content to make your campaign really stand out.

We feel comfortable working with agencies and direct to client alike. We’re available to work with your team at any stage of the process to help produce world class film and photography.

Re-Building A Sign

Even billboards made with high-quality materials can become worn down, abandoned, or damaged by elements out your control. Signfeld’s engineering and construction partners help give us the tools to purchase and re-build old signs to avoid help you avoid any safety hazards and lost revenue.


Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the finest brands and agencies in the world. Below are a few that have trusted us to help spread their message.


Where to Find us

We’re proudly located in west central Wisconsin and provide measurable exposure in the rapidly growing Eastern Minnesota’s Washington County and Western Wisconsin’s St. Croix County.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.

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Our competency in the out of home industry spans decades. Helping businesses and individuals grow is our culture.